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Steam shower installer in Boston

The average homeowner won’t know how to tackle the installation of a steam shower on their own, since the process can be lengthy and requires a number of tools. In most cases, hiring a professional for the job will be a better choice, and it can prevent water damage in the bathroom from causing future repairs in the future. Typically, the installation of an average steam shower can be done in a single day, but that time frame will be extended for customized showers that need to have waterproofing and individual tiles installed at the same time. Finally, be prepared for installation to extend outside of just the bathroom, as there will be new plumbing and electrical that runs to a generator stored nearby in a bedroom, basement, linen closet or storage area..

RJT Carpentry and Tile Inc. has been building and installing custom steam showers for over 10 years, with great success. With years of experience and a reliable team of licensed & insured plumbers and electricians, we have the ability to make sure each shower is done right

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