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How To Get Rid Of Black Mold in Boston Massachusetts

So, you have black mold and you dont know what to do to get rid of it.First, you have to find where or what is causing the black mold problem. Some common instances are leaky pipes, a leaky roof, high humidity areas, and poorly ventilated areas are just a few.Then, you have to determine how much black mold there is and if its time to call in a professional or its something you can handle yourself. Generally a good rule of thumb is that if the black mold is covering an area greater than 10 Sq. ft, its time to call in the professionals.In most cases, it’s not necessary to call in a professional when you have a minor mold problem in your home.

Black mold is extremely toxic and can be deadly if not treated correctly.At their most extreme symptoms, black mold symptoms can be fatal, particularly for kids with allergies to mold. Black mold symptoms can be very serious and include a choking feeling, asthma, breathing difficulty/respiratory problems, wheezing, and dizziness to name a few.

After you determine that its a job you can handle and feel comfortable doing so, its time to suit up.You want to purchase eye protection, rubber or latex gloves, a respirator or mold approved mask, and proper mold removal products. You can always make your own mold spray at home with hydrogen peroxide or a mixture of bleach and water if the affected area is not to great. Assess any damages that may have caused the fungus growth and repair them first.Seal off the affected area with tape and plastic. Remove any objects near or around the mold growth area and cover the rest of the room with sheets of plastic to prevent fungal spores from spreading in the air. You may want to also spray the area with a light mist of water to help keep the mold spores down.Remove any moldy materials that cannot be saved such as drywall mold, then seal it in a plastic bag and remove it from your home.Use a proper mold spray to clean the affected area taking care to follow the manufacturer’s directions listed on the bottle.Repair any areas affected by mold in necessary and dry out the area using several fans and/or a dehumidifier.Next, seal and discard any items used in the cleaning process such as brushes, rags and gloves in a plastic garbage bag to prevent further contamination from mold that may become airborne.

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