After spending high school summers with his father, going out on the road, and working for his painting company, Ryaan knew that his calling was in the construction industry. So at 18, he began working full-time for different companies in the trades. He worked mostly as a painter for his father’s company and as a carpenter’s helper and laborer for other companies.

By the age of 22, he was working as a carpenter’s apprentice and knew being a full-time carpenter was what he wanted to do. He applied and was accepted into a four-year carpentry trade school and graduated with honors.

While he was still an apprentice, Ryaan obtained all the required licenses and insurance to be able to do permitted work in Massachusetts. He fell in love with the idea of being able to work at a pace that focused on quality and on giving a customer exactly what they paid for. After some time of working full-time for a company and doing projects on the side, he decided to go full-time and start his own company in 2005.

Ryaan and his team all share a certain passion for their respective trades. They love the idea of every project being a new challenge and getting the opportunity to turn people's visions into realities. This is how business was started and remains true to the way every project is approached today - With honesty and integrity.

kristina perkins

KRISTINA PERKINS — Project Manager

Kristina Perkins, Project Manager, joined the company in 2016 after working as a Senior Property Manager on commercial building portfolios in the Greater Boston Area for over fifteen years. She is originally from Upstate New York and moved to Boston in 1997 to attend Fisher College for Fashion Merchandising, but ultimately completed her undergraduate in Business Management.

She brings her passion for the design and actualization of the remodeling process over the many tenants and capital improvement projects she managed in her career. Design is one of the facets that she loves because of her direct involvement with the RJT architectural and design team.

Her main goal and focus are to walk our clients through every step of the process and with clear and concise communication. She will be your main point of contact throughout the entire process of the project.

John Diamond

JOHN DIAMOND — Project Manager

Ever since John was a kid, he enjoyed working with his hands and making things (particularly things made out of wood). He had a lot of different jobs, but there was one that John really enjoyed which was working for a friend of the family that had a sign company making signs for businesses out of wood. “My dad worked in construction his whole life, and I always looked up to him and wanted to work in the construction field too”! After high school, John got a job as a laborer for a construction company and continued to work for a few different companies after that. He learned as much as he could during this time because he wanted to learn the carpentry trade and someday become a skilled carpenter and have guys laboring for him. His boss at the time was very patient and willing to teach him, he even paid for me to attend a finish carpentry class at the North Bennet Street school in the north end of Boston which John really took to and completed. “As I worked for numerous contractors over the next few years, I started to do my own side work (small jobs that I could handle on my own), and with every job I did I continued to buy tools of the trade and put money away so that I could eventually get my contractors license”.

John eventually got licensed and insured, bought a truck of his own and started to do work on his own. As he was doing all this work, he realized that not only did John enjoy building things with his hands and sitting back to look at the finished product, but he also enjoys taking a clients idea or vision and making it become a reality! “There is nothing more satisfying to me than working hard and putting all my skills to the test and having a customer that is happy and satisfied with the outcome”! John has been doing carpentry for more than 14 years now, and the thing that he loves about this trade is that every job is different and no matter how much experience you have you will always run into new challenges and are constantly learning new things. “You have to remain teachable no matter what”! One thing John loves doing even though he has been on his own and started his own company is working with other contractors (especially people that have the same goals and want to do the same quality of work that he likes to do) and even teaming up whenever possible! “This isn't an easy trade or business to be in by any means so to be able to work with good people towards the same goals is huge”!

Bobby Fiore

ROBERT FIORE — Field Supervisor/Team Recruiting

Robert Fiore joined R.J.T Carpentry and Tile over 5 years ago in 2015. Prior to meeting and joining forces with the company’s owner Ryaan, he had worked in the industry for various trades and different types of businesses. The common problem he found himself meeting was feeling stagnant, not learning, and continuing to grow as a tradesman. He bounced around a lot and was determined to keep going until he found a place that felt like home. When he met Ryaan and the team at R.J.T, it was a breath of fresh air. Although it was overwhelming and challenging, he knew he had found a place to work safely and build friendships that would last a lifetime.

Apprenticing under two Master Carpenters was a challenge in itself, but looking back at the beginning of the journey with the company it was a blessing in disguise. Throughout the five years, he learned a ton in and outside the trade about himself.

No matter what challenge arises, I am confident in myself and our team that we have the dedication, versatility, and craftsmanship to get it done and deliver a great product.” - Robert Fiore